Posted by: asianshock | October 3, 2009

Enlightening 2009 Summer Trip to China

Chinese people are crazy!!.  I mean I know that I am Chinese American but, still, I could never imagine myself doing some of the things I saw during my summer trip china.  These are just some things I noticed during my trip.

1. when going in a taxi, make sure you know approximately how far your destination is

I believe that there are more taxi drivers on the road than normal cars at any given time.  If you are a foreigner and taking a taxi, you better be sure you know about how long the trip should take, or else you will probably be sent on a wild ride through the streets of China.  Most taxi drivers will intentionally take the long long looooong route to rack up the meter.  Your best bet is to learn some key phrases like “do you know where you’re going?’ (Ni zhidao ni qu nali?)  or “hurry up!” (kaui yi dian)

2. Getting sued

There is no such thing as manners in China.  Imagine this scenario; you are walking on the sidewalk when you spot an old lady on the ground in the middle of the street.  Your first instinct is to run over there and see if she needs help right?  Wrong, many people don’t do a thing out of the fear of getting sued.  I have heard that people intentionally do these acts in hopes that a good samaritan will come by.  Then once they help the person, the con artist will claim assault or something and sue the person.  Now that is just insane!


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