Posted by: asianshock | October 3, 2009


Hey everyone, this is just a little something I wrote when I was really bored and waiting for a raid on WOW lol…. kinda ironic don’t ya think.


The keyboard and

when regular crack was not enough

when regular crack was not enough

mouse was all I lived for

Sitting in front of the computer screen, I always wanted more

Sounds of furious clicking and typing filled the room

As my attack spelled my enemy’s doom

Voices of strangers turned family over Ventrilo

Cheer erupts as I delivered the final blow

Raiding all day and night to get my gear

I lose all track of time, what is the day? Week? Year?

My unbending will falls to the powerful burning crusade

Ambivalence sets in, Oh the money I have spent! The friends I have made!

2,3, 4 a.m.! How this game has consumed my life

I have married this game and it has become my wife

With millions like myself under its enchanting spell

We must pull away and give it hell

Many have fallen to its addicting lure

From divorces to deaths, we must find a cure


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