Posted by: asianshock | October 17, 2009

Clubbing? What is this crazy concept

Clubbing? what is this crazy concept.  Men and women on a steamy dance floor dry humping and just going crazy.  This sounds like fun.  I am a staffer for my club, Association of Chinese Americans (ACA) and we have our annual orientation clubbing event which attracts upwards of 500 people.  This year was no exception.  So being a staffer, I was required to go to the event.  The problem was that I have never gone clubbing before.   Up until this point, you are probably expecting me to talk about how I had my feelings about clubbing changed, and that now I love to go clubbing.  I am sorry to disappoint, but you are wrong.  I had actually looked forward to going to my first clubbing event, with the hot girls, underage drinking, and ear deafening music.  Sounded like heaven.

So there I was standing on the dance floor, looking over the seas of spiky Asian hair, in desperation of finding a familiar face.  Suddenly, through the crowd I saw….my drunk friend plow through the crowd and there she was.  My friend was standing right there.  She also happened to be a girl that I found pretty cute.  Gaining enough courage, I said to myself, fuck this, I dove into the sea of sweat and hormones.  The rest of the night was a blur, not because of alcohol (I swear), but because of the adrenaline from a new and exciting experience.  After what seemed like only 1 song, it was already time to leave.  I hugged my friend goodbye and left to do my duties as staffer which was to make sure no one was so drunk that they missed the buses.

It was 4 a.m when I finally returned back to my dorm room.  I laid in bed, reminiscing what had just transpired and lulling me into a deep sleep.  Too bad I had class at 9 the next morning.  O wells, you take what you can get.

Speaking of which, I have a headache.  I guess that is one of the consequences of getting only 3 hours of sleep and having a full day of class the next day.

Cheersaca pulse


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