Posted by: asianshock | July 13, 2010

MIA, sophmore year, and MCATs

So to be honest, I actually forgot about this until recently.  I was soo busy with my class schedule.  I wanted to take the MCATs this summer, which I am currently studying for, so I had to finish my lower division classes before the end of year.  I had to take four classes during my winter and spring quarter along with the research I was already doing.  It was not a pretty sight.  I was pretty much studying during any free time I had.  But in the end, the hard work paid off and I miraculously still have a decent GPA haha.

Some highlights from my sophmore year:

  • I hosted a Hepatitis B awareness event on campus.  Along with other clubs, we managed raise over 500 dollars for the Asian Pacific Liver Center which provides free screenings to disadvantaged neighborhoods.  I was so nervous and scared that it would turn into a flop, but luckily, it went pretty well.
  • I got in the Biomedical Research Minor, which I hear is pretty competitive so I am excited about that.  Lets see what kind of interesting classes await me…
  • I got published in my first scientific journal!!!.  It looks so bombass to see your name haha.  But seriously, seeing my name on an article is worth all the late hours and stress.  Hopefully I am now working on a different project and hopefully I can get another article before I graduate =D

That is all that I can think of atm, but lately my brain has been fried.  I have been studying an average of 5 hours a day starting from the beginning of summer.  Some break huh.  I keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end.  Not all is lost though, as a way to keep my memory clear, I began to make parodies of popular songs, replacing them with topics about science.  I even got my friend to sing them and they can be viewed on youtube.  Here are the links

There are only 2 up atm, but more are sure to come.  The other video was for my ochem class (14D) with Neil Garg which I may add is totally awesome.  If you ever have a chance, take him for 14D.  Personally I like him over Hardinger (UCLA south campus should know him).  Not only does he make organic chemistry interesting, which is pretty much chuck norris status on its own; but he also lets us think outside of the box.  I never would have thought that a college professor would let his students make music videos for extra credit; I was wrong.  As for the video itself, I apologize for the scratchy voices, I didn’t want to bother with autotune as it was about 1 in the morning, the day the video was due.  All in all, it was a awesome experience.

I finally get to take Upper Division Classes!!!.  I am really excited to take Phy Sci 107.  Even though I have heard that many Phy Sci majors switch out of the major solely because of this class.  I guess I won’t know what I have gotten myself into until the first day of class.  Wish me luck!

They also changed the name of my major.  I guess they wanted it to sound cooler than just physiological science.  It is now Integrative Biology and Physiology.  I think they wanted students to give it an acronym like the other majors (MCDB and MIMG).  I guess we could call it IBP…but I prefer not to call my self pee…yea lame joke.

Anyways thats it for now

comment if you want to know more about UCLA’s premed life or anything in general.



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