Posted by: asianshock | January 8, 2011

No school!

It is so great to not have class on a Friday.  I did have to go volunteer at Santa Monica Hospital in the morning but that was fine.  I went ice skating last night with my ACA family from last year.  It is so great that we still hang out even if none of us are in ACA anymore.  It looks like I am holding up well with my New Year’s resolution.  There was even a free picture booth at the rink sponsored by Herbal Essence.  It was like the photo booths you find in the mall but FREE!.  There were four pictures each time we did it.  We had to think of 4 poses to do before which was half the fun.  We did it 5 times; one for each of us.  There were some funny, dirty, and just downright inappropriate poses; but they all turned out great.  And then tomorrow I’m going to the Jay Chou concert in LA.  So far this quarter is turning out great. Now I should get to doing some actual school work  XD


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