Posted by: asianshock | January 10, 2011

Jay Chou concert and an endless pile of papers to write

Jay Chou’s concert was AMAZING.  He performed at the LA sports arena last night to promote the Green Hornet in which is he going to be playing Kato.  This was my first time seeing Jay Chou live and to be honest, I never really listened to his music before.  I think I am now a fan.  I never realized he was so talented.  Not only did he sing, he can played the piano, guitar, beat box, flute, and is decent with a pair of nunchuks.  Although my mandarin is not great at all; I can feel the emotion he put into each song he sang.  I especially liked the duet he sang with Cindy Yen.


Now for some less exciting news; I have so many papers I need to write for this quarter.  In addition to my biomed 199 proposal, I am signing up for honors in phy sci 167 so that requires a 8 page paper at the end.  I already started on it because I know I won’t have enough time later on to do it.  There is also my critique on a research paper for phy sci 111A which was boring to say the least.  On top of that, I have my expository paper for Ancient Near East 10W.  The draft is due on Jan 18th which is creeping up pretty quickly even though we have only had 1 real lecture.  Lastly, there is my personal statement for medical school which I have been working on since winter quarter.  Its been going along alright but it still needs a lot of revision.


Every now and then I have the urge to start studying for the MCAT again because I know I could of done better.  I am satisfied with my score but there will always be that idea in the back of my mind that it could of been better.  I have been studying the threads on SDN (student doctor network) because I fear that my stats may not be competitive enough for medical school.  However, like many people say, the MCAT is a one and done deal and I am gonna go by it.  Besides that damn test is expensive as hell.


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