Posted by: asianshock | January 12, 2011

Ancient Near East 10W Akedah and Ron Burgundy

Professor Cargill continued today talking about how Jerusalem as Axid Mundi and how it attracts legends and myths. He mentioned how the concept of a temple goes as far back as Mesopotamian and the differences between a pyramid and a ziggurat.

He mentioned Ron Burgundy, from one of the best movies in history! Anchorman. Props for that. In fact, I am going to listen to Afternoon delight right now.

Anyways back to the class; he talked about 3 big stories that became associated with Jerusalem: The Garden of Eden, Melchizedek, and Akedah. Legend states that Adam from Adam and Eve is buried under the Dome of the Rock.

For the Akedah story, God told Abraham to go to Mt. Moriah and sacrifice his son to him. At the mountain, right before Abraham was about to kill his son, God stopped him and instead decided that a lamb would work as a substitute. Frankly, this story seems like a bad prank God was playing just to see if he could get away with it. Then in 2 Chronicles 3:1, the Akedah story was retold where Jerusalem was on Mt. Moriah. The Akedah story had become part of Jerusalem.

The most interesting part I found in the lecture was about Hinnom valley and how it became the word for hell. In Hebrew, it is called Gai-Hinnom. It was translated into Greek as Gehenna to mean “hell”. It was associated with the underworld because it was used as a trash dump. It had all the characteristics of hell; it smelled, it had worms and rats, and there was always fire because they would burn the trash.

As for the rest of my day; I had a pretty normal day. I went to the honors department twice to try and petition for one of my classes which I took as P/NP to replace another class I have to take for my minor. Hopefully I will be able to…
Besides that, I went to an orientation for City Lab at UCLA which is a tutoring program where we teach high school students biotechnology. Two of my friends are in it and it seems like a lot of fun. They have been pestering me to join so here I am. Peer pressure got the best of me I guess.

Is anyone excited about the star wars: The old republic MMO. It looks so epic and I think its going to steal a lot of players from WOW for at least a year. I’m definately going to check it out when it comes out.


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