Posted by: asianshock | January 14, 2011

Ancient Near East 10W Canaanite Jerusalem

We began with talking about Canaanite Jerusalem (before David) during the early Bronze age.  One fact I found interesting was that Jerusalem was in continuous settlement for 6000 years.  That is a lot of people!  Its no wonder they depended on the Gihon Spring and defended it with towers.  He also mentioned that there was in fact a trade route called the watershed highway.  It was called the watershed highway because it was situated on a mountain and water can flow down on either side.

Dr. Cargill goes on to show us archaeological evidence that supports or denies Biblical facts.  He mentions execration text which are like voodoo dolls.  If someone wanted to curse someone else, they could write that person’s name on a clay doll and smash it.  It was believed that when you erase the name of a person; you release magical properties that curse the person.  It was cool when he mentioned that there was the name Rusalismum on one of the dolls found, which translates to Jerusalem suggesting that Jerusalem must of been important enough to have someone curse it even back then.

The best part of the lecture was when Dr. Cargill talked about how the priests would eat the offerings and that was why they required only the highest quality stuff.  This reminded me a movie about a preacher that conned people out of money by pretending to cure their ailments.

Another interesting point was about the Suzerain/Vassal treaties.


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