Posted by: asianshock | January 19, 2011

Ancient Near East Lecture 4

Back from a great 3 day weekend, whats a better way to start off the week than a heart stopping lecture by Dr. Robert Cargill. And I’m not only saying this because he reads our blog posts =). But I digress, so back to the reason I am writing this. To tell you guys about what went down in class.

We left off last week with the Tel Dan Inscription which is the first archaeological evidence of a place of David. We then went on to Warren’s shaft and the debate on whether it was man made or natural. Dr. Cargill also explained how the Gihon Spring is associated with annoitment and that was the way to become a king.

The most interesting topic during lecture was the Ark of the Covenant. When he introduced the topic, the first thing that came to my mind was Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark which is funny because on Dr. Cargill’s blog, he has a link to a article about the 8 most famous archaeologists who suck. He talks about how the Ark was used as a portable shrine so that the presence of God can always be there. He allowed us to leave early but before we left, he told us an anecdote of a guy named Uzzah who touched the ark by accident in an attempt to prevent it from falling off a mule. You can’t touch the ark and as punishment, god “broke through” and killed him. Think of the irony….


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