Posted by: asianshock | January 21, 2011

jerusalem Lecture 5

We continued talking about the existence of David.  Then we moved into the eternal promise that God gave to David.  He told him that he would be the ruler of the throne of David forever.  However, when the temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 565 BCE, it appeared that God broke his promise.  Jews did not want to lose their faith, and instead reinterpreted God’s promise to David.  They altered it so that it didn’t need to be David that held the throne, but anyone.
There was another instance of a retelling of a story in 1 Chronicles.  Originally in Samuel and Kings, God told David not to build him a house because God had no need for it.  Then in 1 Chronicles, the reason is that David had killed so many people in the past, his hands are soiled with blood.  His soiled hands could never build a holy house for God.
Later we shifted topics to Solomon’s temple and whether it actually existed or not.  One interesting thing I learned was that in ancient times, instead of demolishing an old building and removing the rubble, they built on top of it.  This mound of old remains were called tels and are ADORED by archaeologists.  Its different than today where we just clean everything off of a site and start with a fresh slate.
We ended by comparing the descriptions of two temples, the Ain Dara and the Tel Ta’yinat to Solomon’s temple and how they are alike.

As a side note; I saw Dr. Cargill’s documentary on the dead sea scrolls on the History channel and it was pretty cool.  Not everyday you can see you professor on television.

And as a random thought; I have had so much chocolate in the past few days its not even funny.  And yet I still find it amazing.


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