Posted by: asianshock | January 26, 2011

jerusalem 1-25-11

Today, Dr. Cargill began with the background to Hezekiah’s Jerusalem and how Jerusalem expanded. After David and Solomon passed away, Solomon’s son Rehoboam takes over. He has two choices over how to rule over the people. Solomon’s old advisors tell Rehoboam to appease the villagers’ demands in order to gain their trust. However, Rehoboam’s friends tell him to lay the smackdown on the people. Of course he has to listen to his homies and as soon as he begins to inact his harsh treatment, the villages revolt and leave the kingdom. It ends up so the 10 tribes in the north become Israel, and the 2 tribes in the south become Judah.
One interesting point to note is that the Hebrew Bible is written from the point of view of the south, so they will always view the north negatively.
From that point, there was a lot of fighting between the two sides. They would also get either Egypt or Assyria to help them defeat the others. The big players got paid handsomely in return.
He went on to talk about the Assyrian empire. In 721 BCE, Assyria destroys the Israel capital of Samaria. They exiled the villagers and took their land. Many of the refugees fled to Jerusalem as the city’s population surged by 400%. In the bible, the destruction of Samaria is described as the act of God for betraying him. The bible then portrays Jerusalem as being protected by the hand of God from the Assyrian when in reality, the Assyrians didn’t think Jerusalem was a threat at all. However, the Assyrians realized that with the increase in population, Jerusalem was becoming a bigger and bigger threat. It was time to use their scare tactics and intimidation to scare the people into submission.
During this time, Hezekiah was busy preparing the city for an invasion from the Assyrians. Perhaps he saw into the future…He fortified the wall at the northern end of the city, created Hezekiah’s tunnel to get water from the Gihon spring, and stockpiled grain.

On another note; I just took my phy sci 111A midterm. There were quite a few wtf moments but hopefully I did well enough….Fingers crossed


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