Posted by: asianshock | January 28, 2011

Ancient Neat East Lecture

So I had discussion before class. My TA told the class that he was sick of reading essays about Jerusalem as an axis mundi which I don’t blame him for. I have decided to change my research topic and write about the Ark of the Covenant and how its sacredness stems from its profound power experienced by the Israelites during their journey to the Promise Land.

In lecture, we continued discussing Hezekiah’s Jerusalem. We then moved on to the BIG event that first started the legend of Jerusalem as the center of the world. The story is described in Isaiah 36-39 and tells the siege of Jerusalem by the Assyrian empire. Dr. Cargill then mentions the humorous mudslinging that ensued between the Jerusalem guards and the Assryian soldiers. It gives me all the more reason to go re watch Monthy Python and the Holy Grail. There are two accounts of what happens next. The people of Jerusalem claim that an Angel from God descended and wiped out the Assyrian army. However, the Assryians account the loss to internal conflicts back at home that forced them to retreat. In either case, it would appear that out of all the cities of Judah that the Assryians destroyed, God had protected Jerusalem.

This was the most interesting part of the lecture for me. For the rest of the lecture, Dr. Cargill talked about the centralization of religion in Jerusalem starting with Hezekiah and continuing with Josiah.

Now to get to that essay…


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