Posted by: asianshock | February 8, 2011

Jerusalem 1/8/11

Well my hard drive on my laptop died last night, so I will be having to use the school’s computers to post for the time being. With that being said; here we go:

We started with the topic of Persian Jerusalem. This is known as the 2nd temple period from 539-70CE. The Second temple is built in 515 BCE and destroyed by the Romans in 70CE. During this time, the Prophet Ezekiel has another vision about a mobile throne for God. The last mobile throne was the Ark of the Covenant which was last seen when it was placed in the Holies of Holy in the Temple. Ezekiel’s vision implies that God is still around and that he is mobile again. This serves to reconcile the cognitive dissonance that people had when the first temple was destroyed.
Dr. Cargill went on to talk about King Cyrus of Persia who exiled the Jews from Babylon and told them to return to Jerusalem. During this time, there were 3 types of Jews; the ones that were delighted to return to Jerusalem, the ones that wanted to stay in Babylon, and the ones that have stayed in Jerusalem this whole time. Cyrus was also viewed as a Messiah even though he was not of the Davidic line. From the Bible’s perspective, he was doing the bidding of God. However, from Cyrus’s perspective, Marduk, the Babylonian God had told him to destroy Babylon. In whichever case, the destruction of Babylon supported the idea that God was still present, and relieved some of the conflicts from cognitive dissonance.
The class ended with a discussion about whether rebuilding the temple was necessary. There were Jews that started building temples outside of Jerusalem as shown in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Elephantine Letter.

-V Tse


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