Posted by: asianshock | February 15, 2011

Jerusalem 10W lecture 2/15/2011

After a weekend of relative unproductivity, here is another summary of what Dr. Cargill discussed in class.

We began the Roman conquest of Jerusalem by Pompey in 63 BCE. Pompey besieged Jerusalem and annexed it for Rome. He settles a dispute between Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II. They were two Hasmonean kings as well as brothers. Hyrcanus was installed as ethnarch.
Pompey also installed Antipater, an Idumean as procurator. His sons would be local rulers. He chose these people because they were forced to be Jewish by the Hasmoneans, and would be on the Roman’s side. In 43 BCE, Antipater was murdered and Herod, one of his sons goes for revenge. He helps the Romans expel the Parthian invasion. As a reward, Herod receives Jerusalem, Galilee, Samaria, and Idumea. Herod was a client king, meaning he wanted to please both the Jews and the Romans. The Bible describes Herod the Great as a ruthless dictator. However, he was known for his massive construction projects, which provided a constant flow of jobs. He was also known to be impulsive and paranoid. Legend says that upon hearing that the baby king, Jesus, was born, he ordered the death of all the baby boys 2 years or younger in Bethlehem.
Some of Herod’s most famous constructions include the Great retaining wall surrounding the Temple Mount, the Citadel of David where was used by Herod as a makeshift fortress, the Herodian (his evil lair), and an artificial harbor. In a nutshell, Herod was a badass who wanted his legend to continue forever.



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