Posted by: asianshock | February 22, 2011

Byzantine Jerusalem

After the destruction of the Holy Temple by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the rise of Christianity began. This Jewish sect spread to the west and settled in Rome as its central city. The Romans ruled from 63 BCE-614 CE. Christianity became spiritual, focusing on the metaphyscial aspects of Jerusalem.
The Roman emperor Constantine the great had a great impact on Christianity. In legalized Christianity with the Edict of Milan in 313 CE. Before, it was punishable to be Christian. However, there were many different sects of Chrisitian demoninations, especially in the east and west. Constantine hosted the council of Nicaea in 324 CE and gathered the different religious leaders to come up with a single set of beliefs that everyone can agree on. Constantine wanted to use Christianity to unite the Roman empire and to conquer people under the name of Christ.
Helena, Constantine’s mother was the first Christian pilgrim to Jerusalem. She ordered the construction of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The church began the new Axis Mundi, not the Temple which was long gone. Julian “The Apostate”, the emperor after Constantine rejected Christianity and began to rebuilt the Temple from 361-363 CE. Then in 391 CE, Theodosius names Christianity the state religion, solidifying the religion in Rome. HIs wife, Empress Eudocia traveled to Jerusalem in 438 CE, and built churches and hospitals. When Theodosius II died, she stayed in Jerusalem. Justinian ruled Rome from 527-565 CE, and greatly expands Jerusalem. He built the Nea (New) Chuch in memory of St Mary, who allegedly gave birth to Jesus. He also created the Church of the Holy Zion.
As the Church of the Holy Sepulcher became the new Axis Mundi, it started to gain all the myths that were once associated with the Temple. These include the binding of Isaac and the burial place of Adam.



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