Posted by: asianshock | March 10, 2011

Jerusalem 10W final Lecture

the quarter is coming to an end, and we are going to finish with modern Jerusalem.
We began with the Six Day War in 1967. It began when the Soviets informed Syria of an impending Israeli attack. In response, Syria allies with Egypt to do a preemptive strike. However, Israel learns about this and does their own strike before their preemptive strike. They wipe out the entire Egyptian airforce in a few hours. The Israeli forces enter the Old City and Moshe Dayan, the Israeli general gives the Haram to Muslims because all the Israelis want is politica control. The Israeli Knesset (government) annexes the Old City and East Jerusalem despite the disapproval of the UN. Israelis call the end of the war Unification Day because they united all of Jerusalem. As a result of the war, Israel won the Sinai peninsula from Egypt and Golan heights from Syria. They made Jerusalem their capital.

The first Palestinian Intifada (uprising) occured in 1987. They declared independence and what followed was the Oslo Accords also known as the Declaration of Principles. This was the first face to face agreement between Israel and PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) in Oslo, Norway. The results were that Israel recognized Arafat as the official leader of the PLO while the PLO had to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a state and to renounce terrorism. The Palestinians got shafted in the deal and only after Arafat died did people criticize him.

21st century Jerusalem
Israel made peace with Egypt in the south by giving them back the Sinai Peninsula. They also made peace with the Jordans in the 90s. However, to this day, Israel does not have peace with Syria. The fighting between Israel and Palestine continue to this day, but according to Dr. Cargill, peace is within reach. As much as 90% of both sides want peace, and it is only the small percentage of people on each side that want to keep fighting. The Israelis built a wall along the border between them and the Palestinians. The wall wraps all around all the new Israeli settlements that stretch into the West Bank and gives the Israelis much more land than what they were offered in the Peel plan. This is one of the issues the Palestinians have.
The 2nd Intifada started in part because the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon walked on top of the Temple Mount. This went against the rule that had been established since the Six Day War.

These were the important points I got from lecture. This class was a very enlightening class and Dr. Cargill was a great professor. It was a nice change of pace from the science classes I have been taking. I highly recommend this class.


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