Posted by: asianshock | June 29, 2011

Day 4 and 5

Continued from yesterday, June 27th….After lunch with the lab members, our lab mentor, Ren Yuan Yuan and another two of the lab members took us to BeiHai which was a HUGE historical park with a lake in the middle of it. There were many famous Chinese structures within the park.

After several hours of walking, me and Jamie thanked our mentors and headed back to campus. However, we were so exhausted, that we took a taxi, which was surprisingly cheap for the distance we traveled. It came out to 42 RMB which is a little less than 7 USD total…Not bad. At night, we met up with our other friends, and went to the cafeteria. The student cafeteria is divided into different types of foods. One section was devoted to dumplings, one was devoted to rice dishes, and another was for noodle bowls. Each dish ranged between 5-10 RMB, with many below 1 USD for a huge plate of food. As my friend stated, “I can’t believe I couldn’t finish 1 dollar worth of food.”

June 28th, Day 4

This morning we went to the outpatient clinic at the First Hospital to observe Dr. Wang as he met with patients. Many of the older patients who came in suffered from autoimmune-related liver disease while many of the younger patients suffered from Hepatitis B, passed down from their mother. It’s sad to see that with the prevalence of Hepatitis B in China, many people still are not aware of how it is passed down or that people have to get screened. In the 2 hours that I shadowed Dr. Wang, my passion for Hepatitis B awareness has grown tremendously. I am now more eager than ever to go back to the states and begin the school year with Team HBV.

After the clinic, Ren Yuan Yuan brought us to this hole-in-the wall restaurant near the Hospital for lunch. We had Leng Mian (cold noodles with peanut butter sauce) and a dish of scrambled eggs with tomatoes. It was quite tasty and we’ll see tonight if it was clean haha.

So you know how I vented about how far our lab was yesterday, we found out today that the new facility Dr. Wang’s lab was supposed to move into won’t be ready for another 1.5 months, which sucks for us. He gave us two alternatives, either we go work at another affiliated hospital, or we can go work at a microbiology lab at Peking University (score!). We are having a lab meeting tomorrow to discuss it.

That night, we went to a karaoke place near the university. After about an hour of searching, and getting lost (a common practice for us now), we found the place. All 12 of us piled into a rather large room, and gave our vocal cords a run for their money. For many of them, it was their first time to a karaoke place. Something cool that happened that night that is totally different from the America is that there was a guy in the bathroom who placed a hot towel on your neck and massaged it while you peed. Strangely relaxing, I gotta say and well worth the tip I left. My other friends were thoroughly impressed as well.

June 29th Day 5

This morning, me and Jamie went to the hospital for group meeting. We went over more details about where we are going to be working and we will hear from Dr. Wang about which lab we will be going to. In the meantime, he invited us to go shadow another doctor in the inpatient clinic so we have to touch base with her later today.



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