Posted by: asianshock | July 1, 2011

July 1st Day 7

I finally resorted to using the AC last night. I have been resisting since we have a electricity limit, and once we use it, we have to start paying. I don’t know how much our limit is, but I have been trying to be frugal with it this past week.

I woke up around 8 am, and made myself some oatmeal. I find it funny that even in Beijing, I eat the same thing for breakfast as I would back in LA. I have to remember to buy a bowl though…because for the time being, I have been using a cup haha. Since lab doesn’t start until Monday, I walked to campus and explored. It was a pretty cool day by Beijing’s standards, mainly because it poured last night. I found one of the many ponds. Almost every inch of it was covered by water lilies!, it was unreal.

It began to rain so I headed back to the dorm where I commandeered Jamie’s computer to do some work since my computer is still unable to go online.

At around 3 pm, I went to see the Summer Palace with Jamie and our friend, Hien. The Summer Palace was a getaway for the Chinese emperors. The one we visited is the new Summer Palace. The old one was destroyed during the second Opium war. The structures there were really amazing, especially the Marble Boat. It is a boat constructed entirely out of marble. Many people blame it for causing the Chinese to lose to the Japanese. The Empress during that time had used money that was initially supposed to fund improvements for the Chinese navy on a single boat made of marble. Probably not the best choice at that time, but a wondrous piece of history nonetheless. There was also this long outdoor path. There is a roof above us, with panels on each section depicting a different Chinese tale. I was able to recognize some of them like the Monkey King and the Journey to the West. It was pretty cool to see how relevant these structures are to this day.



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