Posted by: asianshock | July 1, 2011

June 30th Day 6

I found out last night that we would be placed in a pathology lab at the Peking University Medical Center. We would go visit the location on Monday, but in the meantime, Dr. Wang told us to relax and enjoy Beijing; Sweet!. In the morning, me and Jamie went to eat a traditional Chinese breakfast, consisting of porridge and Chinese donuts. After, we went to Wangfujing street with a couple of other people. I It is a famous road filled with small shops and food vendors. There was the traditional local cuisine but something else caught my eye….

Yup scorpions. Live scorpions. Seeing this as a once in a lifetime opportunity, me and my friend Brandon took the leap. Three scorpions cost 25 kuai, pretty expensive but it was mainly for the novelty of it. They were still wriggling around when they were dumped into a deep frier. My friend took a video of it, so I’ll upload it when I grab it.

That night, after Chinese class, we went to the student cafeteria to eat dinner. I went to the bun shop this time and ordered 10 buns for 4.7 kuai (less than a dollar). After that, I was still hungry so I went and ordered another rice dish. I didn’t have my camera with me so I’ll take a picture the next time I go.

So far I have 20 mosquito bites and counting…. Man the ones here are vicious.


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