Posted by: asianshock | July 3, 2011

July 2nd Day 8

FINALLY!, with Jamie’s suggestion to try upgrading my computer to windows 7 to fix my internet problem, I have internet on my computer now. Stupid Vista…

So today, we wanted to finish our trifecta of American cuisine in China. We have already hit McDonalds and KFC, all that was left was Pizza Hut. I gotta say, Pizza Hut was the best out of the three. In China, its considered a pretty classy restaurant, where you would take someone to on a date. In the restaurant, there were English phrases on the walls advertising why Pizza Hut is sooo great. I wonder if they got an English translator to go over them because some were quite funny.

But back to the food. The Pizza were actually much better than the ones in America, and were slightly cheaper as well. It may be because they put A LOT more cheese on their slices than they do in America.

Feeling guilty about eating all those calories, I went to play basketball with 3 of my friends. We were lucky that there was an overcast, but we still ended up sweating buckets. Its such a change to play here because our team had at least a 5 inch advantage overall against the other team contrast to the states where we are usually about average height. After several victories, they asked us to switch the teams around because we were too tall.




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