Posted by: asianshock | July 10, 2011

July 10th, Day 16

Today was a pretty productive albeit boring day. I stayed in my room and worked on my secondaries. I submitted the secondary for UC Davis today, since it gave me 30 days to complete it, and I received it last month. The UCSD one is next up. I think I still have a good week left on that one so thats good. Many of the letters of recommendation arrived at AMCAS which is great because it means I can start sending them out to schools.

I received an email from Byron, the grad student I will be working with. He sent me a power point presentation detailing some background information about microRNA 9. It is hypermethylated in Hepatocellular carcinoma which limits its expression. The most interesting thing I learned about it so far is that it can decrease the levels of E-Cadherin and promoting an epithelial mesenchymal transition.Now I’m glad I took phy sci 149!

Now to make this post more exciting, I am going to post some random pictures I haven’t shown yet.


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