Posted by: asianshock | July 12, 2011

July 12, Day 18

Today, I stopped by the little pastry shop again, but this time they were sold out! It was about an hour later than when I went yesterday, so now I know. The early bird gets the red bean pastry. Cliche sayings aside, lab was quite productive today. We researched all the possible target genes for miR-9 and began narrowing the list down depending on whether the gene has any role in cancer related pathways or processes such as:
1. apoptosis
2. p53 pathway
3. Notch signaling
4. cell cycle

We chose our first gene we want to study, CCNE1 which codes for cyclin 1, a regulator of the cell cycle. We found the 3′ UTR region where miR-9 is thought to bind. We created primers to flank that region so that next week, we can amplify the region and insert it into a vector with luciferase. My homework for tonight was to find a list of 10-20 target genes that we can design primers for. I’m both glad and sad that the research is picking up. I’m glad because I am learning techniques and skills I have never learned before, but sad because I now have less time to explore Beijing. Oh wells

While I was at lab, there was a fire drill. Funny thing was, I didn’t know it was a fire drill until one of my lab members told me. There are no alarms in the building, and the only siren I heard was from a cop car outside of the building. Outside, we were met with what I assumed was the fire marshal. Apparently the firefighters wear green instead of yellow like in America. In my opinion, it looks more of a hazardous material suit but whatever works.

Back at UCLA, I took an EHS fire safety course where I got to use a fire extinguisher to take out a controlled fire. The fire marshal was adamant that I did not aim at anything else but the fire. Apparently, this fire marshal didn’t care as he invited anyone to come up and test out the latest in fire extinguisher technology. It was pretty funny to see the professors spraying the extinguishers madly into the air.

Now back to work!



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