Posted by: asianshock | July 17, 2011

July 17 Day 22

Today I woke up around 9 am and went down to the pastry shop to get my red bean bun. After that, I was off to WangFuJing with my friends. Jamie told me that there were suppose to be thunderstorms today but I brushed it off. The sky was clear and sunny. The purpose of going to WangFuJing was because our friend Yasaman wanted to try the scorpions. Me and Brandon wanted to try to big black ones we saw last time as well.

Theres a video of us eating it, so I will try to get it and post it here. After our eating escapades, we shopped around, but was cut short by a thunderous roar. It was the storm Jamie had mentioned earlier. The once clear sky quickly gave way to an ominous overcast. A powerful gust of wind began to pick up as people around us started to scatter.

We hurried toward the subway, but our friend Ian wanted to get a McFlurry at the nearby McDonalds so we waited. We don’t know if those 15 minutes would have made a difference later on when we would emerge from the subway station back at Peking University 40 minutes later. The thunderstorm had landed. The crosswalk was submerged in about 2 inches of water. We quickly ran toward our dorms, but not before purposely splashing some water at each other. Soo much fun. By the time we got back to the dorm, every inch of our clothing was soaked.
We spent the rest of the day indoors and worked on our research projects. Hopefully there is no rain tomorrow….we gotta go to the lab =/



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