Posted by: asianshock | July 18, 2011

July 18 Day 23

We got to the lab around 10 am. After settling down, one of the grad students asked if we could read over her research paper she was submitting. It was a good thing she did, because we found quite a few grammar mistakes. I am actually impressed at how proficient the grad students in my lab are at English. They were even some words that I did not know the meaning of. We spent some time doing that until we went for lunch.
In the afternoon, we went over what we are going to do tomorrow when the primers come in. Primers in China are sooo cheap. You can buy individual ones for just a few dollars USD when in the U.S you have to pay $50 flat fee regardless of how many primers you buy.
At about 1:30 pm, Rachael, one of the other grad students in our lab asked if we wanted to accompany her on a tour she was giving to foreign exchange students of Peking University. Seeing how we did not have any experiments planned for that day, and that we haven’t been given a formal tour of Peking University yet, we gladly accepted.
There were students from Korea, different regions in China, and Norway. They all spoke English though so that was cool. We loaded up onto a double decker bus (first time on a double decker in Beijing!), and headed toward Peking University.

The roof is REALLY SHORT. At the sitting position, my head was less than a foot from the ceiling.

We entered through the Southern gate of Peking University which is the main entrance.
We looked at the famous “No Name” lake in Peking University as well as some of the historical buildings on campus.

We had to leave the tour group early to get to Chinese class at 6 pm, so we said goodbye. We might see them again on Wednesday when they have their orientation.
Me and Jamie rested for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow should be a loong day.

In other news, I have submitted 12 secondaries. I still have about 3 more to work on, and I just got one for NYU =D, but it has like 4 essays =(. I am still waiting for secondaries from UCLA, UCI, and a few others, Hopefully they come in soon =D
I would have to say the worst one so far is the 1 page autobiography from UCSD. That was terrible >.<



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