Posted by: asianshock | July 21, 2011

July 20 Day 25

I didn’t have time to post last night, so I am going to post right now. Yesterday in lab we performed a MTT assay. MTT is used to measure enzyme activity, and in combination with other chemicals can cause a color change in solution. This color change is detected using a plate reader and measures the absorbance at fixed wavelength. I have done this assay many times to measure D-lactate dehydrogenase. For this experiment, we are measuring levels of cellular proliferation. I am still unclear as to what enzyme we are measuring though. He said it in Chinese so I need to ask him the English name. We are going to measure the proliferation activity over a 5 day period to see if miR-9 has any effect in proliferation.
From the PCR we performed yesterday, 5 out of the 8 primers worked. I redesigned the 3 other primers so hopefully those will work. We ran the remaining 5 primers on a gel to purify them. We cut them out, and will do the ligation tomorrow.

Today was also our friend Randy’s birthday. He is from UC Berkeley and we just met him about 2 weeks ago. We went out to dinner along with 30 other people from all over the UC system, including some people from the east coast. We went to a chain Taiwanese restaurant called Bellagio. It was pretty good, and the price wasn’t too bad either.
Afterwards, one of his friends brought us to a secret bar hidden underneath an assuming hot dog store. It was sooo cool.

Looks like a regular hot dog shop you would find in LA right?

From the outside it looks pretty normal. When we went inside, there was only 1 worker and she was reading a magazine. We headed to the back of the store and descended a staircase. At the end was a stone wall. However, on the side of the wall, there was a button. With a push of the button the stone wall slid open to reveal the entrance to the FuBar.

Harry Potter anyone?

Inside was a cool little 2 level bar. There were mostly foreigners there which was great because we felt just like home. We didn’t stay though, because the prices were also made for foreigners =/.

Taken from upstairs



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