Posted by: asianshock | July 23, 2011

July 23 Day 28

We woke up bright and early around 8 am, to get ready for our 9 am tour bus. We were going to the Summer Palace, The Temple of Heaven, A park where we can see a panoramic view of the forbidden city, and HouHai.

Although me and Jamie had been to the Summer Palace before, it was still nice to see everything we missed the first time we went.

After the Summer Palace, we ate lunch at this westernized Asian buffet. It was still pretty good though considering we didn’t have to pay. Here were my 5 plates of food. I probably could of had one more but it was time to leave. Here is one picture of my food. Now times that by 5 and add some fruit in there for desert.

I was surprised they had peking duck

we went to the Temple of Heaven. It was a pretty cool place.

Looks a lot bigger than the picture suggests

The highlight of the day was when we went to houhai, which is a lake surrounded by bars. We rented a 4 person paddle boat and went around the lake. We had 8 people so there were 2 boats. It was a peaceful ride, until I decided to make it more interesting and started splashing water at the other boat. It then turned into an all out war. Best 20 kuai I ever spent.

The boat that lead our team to victory on the seas of HouHai



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