Posted by: asianshock | July 27, 2011

July 27 Day 32

Today we went to lab and designed a protocol for creating a luciferase vector with one of the target genes. We will ligate them tomorrow. We still haven’t been able to buy the train tickets yet because all our schedules are different, and we all want to buy them together. During Chinese class, we watched a movie called “Children of HuangShi” which tells the real life story of a British journalist who travels to Nanjing during the Japanese invasion. He ends up at an orphanage where he bonds with the kids and takes them on a harrowing journey 700 miles to a safety zone. It was a pretty good movie.

Tomorrow, we are watching Transformers 3 on campus for 10 yuan which is really cheap (about 2 bucks). I have heard though that it is all in mandarin with no subtitles so we’ll see how that goes. Its all about the action anyways, so it should be fine.



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