Posted by: asianshock | July 29, 2011

July 28 Day 33

I previously thought that we were constructing the vector today. Instead we performed a transformation which was just as cool because I have only done it once before. We transformed chemically competent cells with 3 genes that we were able to purify DNA products from. We plated them on Amp plates so we will see tomorrow if we get any colonies. Hopefully we do, but we will most likely have to do it again.

Later that night, we watched Transformers 3 at the campus movie theater. As we suspected, the entire movie was dubbed in Mandarin with no subtitles. It didn’t matter that much because no one goes to watch Transformers for the plot anyways. Explosions and guns cross all language barriers. I will probably just go watch it again in English to see what I missed. The student theater was surprisingly nice. It reminded me of a mini Royce. They had both balcony and floor seats. I wished I had taken a picture of it, but I forgot to bring my camera with me.
We decided not to go to Tai this weekend because of possible thunderstorms. Normally I would be fine with that, but with Beijing thunderstorms, you never know how serious they can be.



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