Posted by: asianshock | July 31, 2011

July 31 Day 36

Today was another work day for me. I completed two secondaries, one for UCI and one for NYU. Still no interview invites though but still plenty of time left. We decided to eat at this cafe within our complex. The food was decent but the portions were small for the price. Also, it took about an hour for 3 sandwiches to arrive which is insane. They gave us free cake though to make up for the wait so all was forgiven.

Later at night, we were going to meet up with our friend Randy from UC Berkeley who we thought had already left. We found out though that he had missed his plane yesterday, so he was staying for another day here. We were going to meet him at a restaurant called Grandma’s Kitchen but like always we got lost. We ended up getting there around 9:30, when the place closed. We ended up eating at Pizza Hut, but we had a good time hanging out anyways.



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