Posted by: asianshock | August 17, 2011

July 17 Day 50

Today was a pretty standard day. I went to lab in the morning. Helped my mentor with some experiments, and talked with her about our trip to LongQingXia this weekend. She and two other lab mates are coming with us so that is awesome. At least now, we have people who can speak mandarin fluently. We have the bus route planned out and we are going to leave saturday morning around 8 am, and hopefully get there around noon. From there, we find a hotel and drop off our stuff before heading to the gorge. We chill around the gorge for the rest of the afternoon, and decide what we want to do for sunday.

So my application is finally complete for all the schools so all that is left is to wait for rejections/invites. Lets hope its the latter haha.



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