Posted by: asianshock | August 20, 2011

Long Qing Xia

Today we went to Long Qing Xia in Yanqing which is a government designated ecological city. Me, Ian, and Brandon woke up early at 7:30 am to get ready and eat breakfast. Of course, we were a little behind schedule as we finished eating breakfast around 8:30. Oh well, can’t be helped. From then, we went to the west gate of PKU where we caught Bus 118 to si san qi. The ride was decent and it was a good 45 minute to the stop. From si san qi, we took Bus 919 to Yan Qing Nan Cai Yuan. This leg of the journey was over 2 hours and was grueling. We were trapped on the bus with our bags like sardines. Unfortunately, this was also the same bus that went to the Badaling Great Wall so it was packed with people. We finally made it to Yan Qing and it was about 11:15 am with 1 more bus still to take. It was suppose to be the 920 but apparently, the website was wrong. It was actually the 875. Luckily, I wrote down the stop in chinese, so I found it on the bus sign. Despite that minor hiccup, we were on our way to the Long Qing Xia stop on the 875. At the stop, it was another 15 hike up to the entrance of the park. We bought our tickets (110 yuan total for entrance, boat, and 100 flower cave). We proceeded to the first spectacle, the longest escalator in the world.

The picture doesn't do it justice

Upon ascending the escalator, we are greeted with a dock filled with boats. We hop onto one, and begin our journey into what seemed like the world of Jurassic Park.

After the indescribable boat ride, we landed on a dock with several different options. Ian and Brandon decided to go bungee jumping while I decided to pass and film them instead. Although it sounded sketchy, the bungees looked solid. After they jumped, we started to head back because the park closes at 5 pm which we thought is way too early. There was still a lot that we haven’t seen, but I suppose there is always next time. We went to the 100 flower cave before heading out since we already bought the ticket. That place was one of the strangest places I have ever been at. It was a natural cave filled with some of the tackiest fake animals and backgrounds I have ever seen. I have a video of it, but the uploader is being dumb at the moment, so I will upload onto youtube when I get a chance.

After our strange trek through the cave, we exited the park and made our way back to PKU. Originally, we were suppose to find a hotel and stay overnight. However, we found out that the only hotel within the park is reserved for locals only, and the alternatives were outside the park. We figured that if we are going to spend money to stay the night and then go home the next day, we might as well go home tonight. We got back around 8:30 which was early enough to get some buns in the cafeteria.

Best tasting Buns ever.



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