Posted by: asianshock | August 25, 2011

July 25 Day 58

I have been really busy in these past few days writing grants and filling out applications for my clubs. Although for some updates, me and Ian went to the train ticket office yesterday morning at around 7:30 am to buy our return tickets from Xian. Again, the hard sleepers were sold out again so we were left with the decision whether to buy the hard seats or the soft sleepers. Seeing how we were already riding the hard seats to Xian, we should take the soft sleepers on the way back. The price was 420 yuan which was a bit high but we think it should be worth it.
In other news, I still haven’t heard back from any medical schools yet but there is still plenty of time. I’m just anxious to get things going. Also, my friends in my club, Team HBV want me to apply for Mr. Hyphen which is a pageant if you will for Asian American males. The purpose is to showcase an issue in the Asian American community that we believe is important for the local government to address. In my case, it would be Hepatitis B. The winner gets 1000 to donate to the non profit organization of their choice. It seems like a fun experience and I’m filling out the essay questions as we speak.

We already booked the hotel for Xian. Its called the Shaanxi Friendship hotel and cost us 228 yuan a night for a triple room (3 beds) which we thought was the best option. Our train leaves Friday at 4 pm and we leave Xian on Sunday at 6 pm.


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