About myself

Hey whats up everyone who is reading this..hopefully.  I am an physiological science major at UCLA who like the other 90% at UCLA am pre-med.  I guess this will just turn into  a regular info page for now, but I promise to make it a bit more entertaining hopefully…

I am a nerd at heart.  I love to play video games, finish homework early, LARPING…ok maybe not that but you get the idea.  I also love to play badminton (if you guess that I am Asian, you are absolutely right).

As far as school activities go, I am the community service officer for the Association of Chinese Americans which is one of the largest asian orgs on campus so I am pretty excited about that.  I just started this year, so I guess I just have to wait to see what challenges I have yet to face.

Thats it for now; I have to get back to the cutthroat world that is pre med.


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