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July 12 Day 45

Our friends from New York who were doing an IBM internship are leaving tomorrow so we have been spending the past two days hanging out with them. They are definately a group to remember and I hope to see them sometime in the future

Tomorrow, our group is going on our last tour to the Olympic Stadium as well as other random places. It should be a lot of fun and plenty of opportunities for photos.

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July 8+9+10 Day 41+42+43

My relatives came to visit me from Shanghai on July 8th so I have been with them for Day 41 and 42. We stayed at a hotel near WangfuJing so that would be like my 5th time going there this trip. On my first night there, we attempted to go to this Muslim Hotpot restaurant at WangFuJing. Unfortunately, we were not expecting the restaurant to be sooooooo hot. It felt like an oven in there. Granted, it was a hot pot place, but even so, the customers shouldn’t be cooking the meat, not themselves. We ended up eating at this really fancy restaurant in the Peninsula hotel.

The next day we went to pick up the train tickets for my grandparents and headed to a mall to shop around before going to another hot pot place that my uncle knew was good and was not trying to cook their customers alive. The food was good, especially with the white wine my uncle bought.

The next day (July 10th), I went to the old summer palace (yuanmingyuan) with Jamie. The palace was destroyed by the French and English in the 19th century.

Photo Op with some ruins

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August 6+7 Day 41+42….Sickness is never fun

I am just getting over a cold now. It first traveled from our friend Jaclyn who is now back in the states to Randy to Jamie and then to me. Hopefully I didn’t pass it along to anyone else. The weekend was a pretty chill one. I spent most of my time in my room working on two grant proposals for my club Team HBV for the following school year. Hopefully we get enough allocations for us to expand like we want to.

Here some pictures of my dinner tonight at the cafeteria and my breakfast for the next three days.

less than a buck U.S FTW

3 buns for three days. Simple yet effective


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August 5 Day 40

Today we went to eat at a Dim Sum restaurant called Jin Ding Xuan. It was a bit pricey for Chinese standards but it was about the same price as Dim Sum in America. The portions were quite small though for the price. Also some of the standards like Har Gow and Siu Mai were overly priced (around 4 dollars U.S). The entrance to the restaurant was extravagant to say the least. The inside decor was pretty impressive as well and matched the outside.

Pretty Impressive Entrance for a Dim Sum restaurant


I also got my first rejection of the cycle by Mayo medical school. It stings a bit but there is still a long way to go.

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August 4 Day 39

Not much happened today. We are trying to plan a trip to QingLong Xia which is called Black Dragon gorge in English. It is located in northern Beijing. You can hike, swim, and rent boats to go down the river there. It seems a lot of and much closer than any other alternatives we have tried to plan. It is about a 5 hour bus ride so we would probably stay there for more than a day.

Tomorrow morning we are going to eat Dim Sum with Rachael, one of our lab members. I am excited!. I heard that it is a bit pricey but its well known so we’ll see.


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August 2+3 Day 38

I am going to combine these two days because nothing much happened. In terms of lab stuff, I am still trying to get the transformation to work. I have done it twice but there are no colonies yet.

I did buy a seat and a lock for my bike (seat was 25 yuan, lock was 15 yuan). I haven’t ridden a bike in so long so it was quite exciting for me especially in Beijing. Our lab mates gave us some recommendations for places to travel to in Beijing. One of those places is called Black Dragon Canyon. Even the name sounds badass so we definately have to check that out.


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August 1 Day 37

Today Jamie was too sick to go to work so I went by myself. The transformation we did previously actually did not work as we were told. I looked at the plates and I could not see any colonies so I repeated it today. Hopefully, we will get some colonies tomorrow.

My friend Randy left this morning but he left us his bike. The only problem is that it has no seat.

A thick pillow will work right?

Other than that, its perfectly fine. I’ll try to find a bike shop that will only sell me the seat but in the mean time, I may have to make one myself.


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July 31 Day 36

Today was another work day for me. I completed two secondaries, one for UCI and one for NYU. Still no interview invites though but still plenty of time left. We decided to eat at this cafe within our complex. The food was decent but the portions were small for the price. Also, it took about an hour for 3 sandwiches to arrive which is insane. They gave us free cake though to make up for the wait so all was forgiven.

Later at night, we were going to meet up with our friend Randy from UC Berkeley who we thought had already left. We found out though that he had missed his plane yesterday, so he was staying for another day here. We were going to meet him at a restaurant called Grandma’s Kitchen but like always we got lost. We ended up getting there around 9:30, when the place closed. We ended up eating at Pizza Hut, but we had a good time hanging out anyways.


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July 30 Day 35

I went to the Pearl Market with some other people on our floor. The Pearl Market is similar to the Silk Market a went to a few weeks ago. They sell a variety of goods and the vendors will test your bargaining skills. I wanted to get a Louis Vuitton male wallet last time I went to the Silk Market but I ran out of time. This time I got my wallet.

It's totally real!

I also bought some other trinkets and souvenirs. We got to the market around 1 pm and we didn’t leave until 7 p.m. We only visited a couple of shops too. We spent most of our time haggling. Those shop keepers are ruthless and stubborn. They are making a profit on everything, but they still want to try and scam us.
It takes about 1 and a half hours to get to the Pearl Market. We finally got back to our room around 8 pm and we were starving. Some of us did not even eat lunch. We decided to go to a pizza buffet called Big Pizza. Me and Jamie had visited one last week and enjoyed it so we recommended it. It was the perfect way to end a tiring day of shopping. We stayed there until they kicked us out at 9:30.


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July 29 Day 34

We got a call from Byron early in the morning telling us that we got colonies for our transformation which is awesome because I was expecting that we had to perform it a couple of times. That meant that we didn’t have anything to do in lab because we needed to incubate the colonies further. I stayed in my room for the majority of the day and worked on my secondaries. I just got one for Harvard, UCI, and Penn state so those are going to keep me busy for a while.=/

Today was the last day in Beijing for many of the UC students studying abroad. As such, we had one big outing. We went out to SanLiTun, the bar district and had some fun. The downside was that it was raining cats and dogs. At one point, we were trudging through 5 inches of water. Needless to say, it will be a night to remember. When I got back to my room, I was soaked from head to toe.


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